Using a decision journal for more thoughful decisions

Insight with hindsight

I am trying out using a decision journal.

Good decisions are the result of a good process, and a good process is an attempt at accurately representing our current state of knowledge and information.

Here's a simple process: for any meaningful decision, I write down my reasoning for making this decision.

The goal is to become more intentional about why and how I do things.

My current structure is the following:

my decision making template in obsidian

It's a forcing function to express the core assumptions I make, and scrutinise them.

Turning them into predictions is a good way to test them, and revisit the quality of my decisions later on.

Having that written down let you assert that your process for making the decision was right. The outcome may not be, but the process should be.

The feeling part is also important because it gives room for intuition to have a say. It might make me revisit my decision.

I apply this to all decisions: investments, how to spend your evening, purchases, trading, etc.

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